COATED PB: manufactured with a special COATED PHOSPHOR BRONZE alloy wound over a hexagonal steel core providing EXTENDED DURABILITY (E.D.)
PHOSPHOR BRONZE: made with phosphor bronze alloy of finest quality providing the ideal balance between the volume, and the warm tone needed to produce the best acoustic sound.
BRONZE 85/15: made with 85/15 bronze alloy providing an intermediate sound between the brilliance and depth of bronze 80/20 and the warmth and brilliance of phosphor bronze.
BRONZE 80/20: made with the traditional 80/20 bronze alloy. Crisp, deep and bright sound.
GYPSY JAZZ: Wound with silver plated copper over a steel core with high content of carbon, they provide warm sound and great volume.
FLAT PB: are made of phosphor bronze round wound and then they are flattened. This process provides higher volume, brilliance and sustain than the traditional flat strings.
The soft and smooth surface eliminates the finger noise and squeaks, providing a clear and deep sound. Besides, the duration of these FLAT strings is higher than the duration of the round wound strings. They are great for live performances and recording.
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