Magma Acoustic Guitar Accessories Kit Includes 1 Acoustic Guitar Strings, 1 Capo and 1 Rechargeable Clip Tuner

Magma Acoustic Guitar Accessories Kit Includes 1 Acoustic Guitar Strings, 1 Capo and 1 Rechargeable Clip Tuner

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This Kit Contains:

1 Magma Acoustic Guitar Strings Light Gauge Phosphor Bronze Set, .010 - .048 (GA120PB)

  • Phosphor bronze wound strings
  • Warm, bright and deep sound with high volume
  • Well-balanced acoustic tone
  • Amazing sustain
  • Ideal for all musical styles
  • Wide variety of gauges
  • Available for 6 and 12 string guitars
  • Anti-corrosive and recyclable packing
1 Magma Quick-Change capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Silver (MC-02)
  • Quick Release : super easy to clip on guitar and quick to change. It can even change keys during a song,just clamp it and let your song fly.

  • No Buzz :perfectly balanced pressure for that clear tone with strong spring.

  • Well Made:much thicker silicone pad protect your guitars from scratches or demage.

  • Highest quality metal material, Delicate shape and extraordinary feel in the hand.

Magma Rechargeable Clip on Tuner for All Instruments - Guitar, Violin, Ukulele & Chromatic Tuning Modes, Fast & Accurate, Easy to Read, Professional and Beginner. LED Color Display (MCT-2)

  • RECHARGEABLE – Never Buy Another Expensive Battery. Quickly Charges with Included USB Cable. Long Lasting Performance with Over 5,5 Hours of Usage on a Single Charge. Saves Energy with Automatic Power-Down After 3 Minutes of No Signal. This rechargeable tuner can be quickly charged in just 1.5 hours with USB cable
  • FAST, ACCURATE, EASY TO USE - Pitch-perfect Tuning in Seconds. Highly Sensitive Vibration-Based Tuning even in Noisy Environments. Fast Response and PRECISE tuning. Guitar Tuning range: A0 (27.5Hz)-C8 (4186Hz) Pitch Calibration from 430HZ to 450HZ.
  • USE THE SAME TUNER FOR MULTI INSTRUMENTS. With highly sensitive piezo sensor inside, the tuner picks up vast range of frequencies, especially low frequency, and is fast accurate to tune instruments like acoustic electric classical and steel guitars, 7 and 12 strings guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos and bass guitars. With Five Tuning Modes: C, G, B, V, U (chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele) to cover a wide range of instruments. Perfect Tuning on Mandolin, Banjo and Nearly Any Acoustic or Electric Stringed Instrument.
  • EASY TO USE UNDER ANY LIGHTING CONDITIONS. Sharp and bright, colorful graphics allow you to easily see whether you're out or in tune from any angle in different light situations. Dual 360 degrees rotatable clip flexible for both right- and left-handed musician to read the screen from any angle.